Established in 2011

Cellular Solutions is known for our quality parts and repairs done by Certified Technicians. Our technicians specialize in micro soldering. We can repair everything from broken screens to charging ports and everything in between. Our low prices and fast service will take you from a broken device to a fixed one in no time.


Cellular Solutions offers a variety of prepaid services for your AT&T, Verizon, Sprint or T-mobile phone. You have options and you don’t need to be stuck in a high priced contract, especially in today’s unpredictable economy. Come in and start your prepaid wireless phone plan; no credit check, no contract, no obligations. Unlimited talk, text, and internet for $35 a month.


Cellular Solutions has a wide variety of new, refurbished, and pre-owned phones, tablets and more for sale. All devices are reasonably priced to accommodate anyone’s budget.

Return Policy

We Offer a 30day Return on New/used items purchased on our store. A 15% Restocking fee will be charged for used, and 20% for New in box (sealed) items.

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