Liquid Damage

Liquid Damage is the corrosion of electrical components and

circuitry caused by running an electric current through a wet phone.

Remember, water isn’t all that bad. The real damage is caused by running electricity through a phone that has even a small amount of liquid contaminate inside!Furthermore, the corrosion process can occur very slowly sometimes taking weeks or even months!

What is Liquid Damage Processing?

Liquid Damage Processing is a labor intensive process over a two developed by the experienced technicians at Cellular Solutions. This process attempts to reverse the effects of liquid damage in an effort to bring a phone “back to life.”  Unfortunately, this is NOT a guaranteed process.

Process overview:

•Remove all external casings to expose electrical components

•Immerse electrical components in 99.9% alcohol solution

•Eradicate all corrosion & liquid contaminate

•Detailed cleansing and extensive drying procedure

•Resurface corroded pressure contacts

Why can’t we guarantee the repair?

Sometimes the damage caused by corrosion has ruined the actual components of the circuitry inside the phone and cannot be fully reversed. Unfortunately, it is often difficult to assess the extent of this damage until after we’ve put forth the labor involved in the liquid damage process.There is even the possibility that the condition of the device being processed will degrade before, during or after processing. You may also lose the data in your device (phone book, pictures, e-mail, text messages, ring tones, etc.).

What should I do if my phone gets wet?


•Do NOT plug the phone into a charger

• Bring the phone to Cellular Solutions